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Cert Unlimited offer the highest quality training with maximum flexibility. From on-site training to city-centre training centres and virtual learning from our purpose-built broadcasting studio, we’ll create a bespoke training package which works for you.

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As a Cert Card member, you’ll have access to exclusive offers and events. Plus, enhanced course support and mentoring for your learners to help them achieve unlimited potential.

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How our Cert Card works

  1. Confirm your budget
  2. Complete our online request form or give us a call
  3. Access your dedicated account
  4. Start booking courses using your preloaded Cert Card

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Let us know your training requirements and expected number of delegates and we can work with you to provide you with an estimated cost. Our specialist team of trainers and advisers will be able to offer you advice on relevant courses and business case training solutions for your team. Call us today or complete the form below.


    Will I receive a physical card?

    Our Cert Card is completely virtual. You can load your Cert Card with funds my calling a member of our team or your dedicated account manager.

    How do I view my Cert Card balance?

    Your Cert Card balance will show within your ‘My account’ section when you are logged in. Your available funds will show within the checkout process and you will be able to select these as a payment method.

    Can I make a part payment with my Cert Card?

    Yes absolutely, if you do not have the full amount required for your purchase on your Cert Card, you can use your Cert Card balance alongside other traditional payment methods. If your purchase is less than the figure on your Cert Card, your remaining funds will be left for you to use at a later date.

    How do I top up my card?

    When you become a Cert Card member, you’ll get a dedicated account manager who you will contact to top up your Cert Card. They will be able to advise you on the right courses for your team and let you know if there are any discounts available to you.

    How long are my funds available?

    You Cert Card balance will last for a period of 12 months, allowing you to conveniently spend your training budget over the course of a year. For longer terms, please contact us and we would be happy to assist.

    What products can I purchase with my Cert Card funds?

    All our courses are available to purchase with your Cert Card. From on-site training to virtual courses, there are no exceptions.

    I've registered for an account, what is the value of becoming a Cert Card member?

    As a Cert Card member, you’ll have access to exclusive offers and events. You’ll receive free eLearning resources for your team, alongside access to enhanced course support and mentoring. We also offer additional flexibility with cancellations and scheduling.

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