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This guide offers a 10-minute read as an introductory overview of Agile and the benefits of agility and frameworks in the workplace. It covers the first steps to applying an agile approach within your team or organisation.

Agile working is for:

  • Anybody working on large complex projects that can be broken down into smaller parts.
  • High performing teams who work with internal and external customers to develop a product or to deliver a project.

The guide covers:

  • An introduction to Agile
  • The benefits of Agile
  • Agile Frameworks (Product and Project)
  • How to apply Agile within the workplace

After reading our guide, you will have an overview of Agile and the benefits of agility in the workplace. You will be able to make a decision on whether Agile is right for you and if so, which approach and framework you should take.

Free Guide to Agile

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    Duration: 1 Day 

    Pre-course Reading: 2-5 Hours

    Exam(s): No

    Accredited: Cert Unlimited

    Language: English

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    Agile PM

    Duration: 2 Days 

    Pre-course Reading: 2-5 Hours

    Exam(s): Optional

    Accredited: Cert Unlimited

    Language: English


    Agile PM
    Foundation & Practitioner

    Duration: 5 Days

    Pre-course Reading: 2-5 Hours

    Exam(s): Optional

    Accredited: Cert Unlimited

    Language: English


    What is Agile?

    As we find ourselves amid a digital revolution in which the business world has had to adapt to a new fast-paced landscape, the ability to be agile is essential. Customers want to be more involved, more vocal and expect improvements and new features more regularly. The individuals and organisations who are adaptable and able to respond effectively, are favoured by customers and prospects.

    An Introduction to Agile

    The Agile Fundamentals training equips learners with both an understanding of the key values and principles of the Agile approach and the benefits of working with an agile mindset. By gaining knowledge of the key approaches, practices, and terminology utilised across the business environment, learners will be able to deliver a strategic vision to optimise a team’s performance.

    Why choose Agile Fundamentals Training

    Agile methodology is used across many sectors and is ideal within organisations which experience change or fast growth. The course is relevant for anyone interested in understanding the agile mindset. If you want to become an Agile Coach or Agile leader, work within an Agile project management team or Agile product team, or simply want to improve your career prospects, then this course is for you.

    Learning Outcomes

    Having completed our Agile Fundamentals training, you will gain an understanding of Agile and be able to adopt an agile mindset which brings many benefits to both individuals and businesses. Fundamentally, these can be distilled down to four headlines:

    • Creation of better products by focusing on value to both the customer and the producer.
    • More transparency through vision and practices to drive your development team.
    • A true understanding of accountability and the ability to ensure the right people are involved in your decision making.
    • Greater ability to learn quickly and successfully adapt.


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