Terms & Conditions

(Updated 14th September 2020)


a. The “Company”, “Cert Unlimited”, “We”, “Us”, “Our” refers to Cert Unlimited Ltd (Company no: 12347890) with a registered office at Fountain House, 83 Fountain Street, Manchester, M2 2EE. 

b. “Customer”, “Your”, “You” refers to the individual purchasing from Cert Unlimited that intends to attend a training event.

c. “Learner” refers to the person attending the course or training. 

d. “The Website” refers to the www.certunlimited.com. 

e. “Terms & Conditions” refers to the terms of usage and conditions under which all purchases are made, and the website is used. 

f. “Booking Form” is an agreement between Cert Unlimited and the Customerregarding prospective delivery of services. 

g. “Joining Instructions” refers to a set of course attendance instructions that are sent to the Customer.

i.Cert Card” refers to a non-refundable vouchers for training, non-cancellable, 12-month (unless agreed otherwise) agreement between Cert Unlimited and the Customer. 

j. “Working Days” refers to days between Monday and Friday, excluding Public Holidays. 

k. “Agreement” is the order of training services or training course made between Cert Unlimited and the Customer, this agreement is made in writing using a booking form. The agreement may be signed by the customer using and electronic signature software or other similar method to confirm the order. The order may any be booked using the Cert Unlimited website and may also be made using a Cert Card.

l. “Device” the device use by the customer to attend a Cert Unlimited virtual training event.

1 – Pricing and Payments


a. Our pricing quotations are valid for 30 days but are not confirmed until a signed order is received.

b. All prices and quotations exclude VAT.

c. Prices and quotations do not include any travel, accommodation expenses. 

d. If examinations or material costs increase Cert Unlimited reserves the right to adjust relevant training course prices to reflect this, if this is the case and we request additional charges, you will be given the opportunity to cancel the order without charge.

e. Advertised prices do not constitute a legal agreement.


f. Subject to a satisfactory credit check the customer shall pay the fees invoiced in accordance with the payment terms agreed on the Booking Form.

g. Cert Unlimited reserves the right to adjust or remove a Customer credit limit at any time.

h. If we are unable to offer credit or the credit limit is reached, then course fees are payable in full immediately upon receipt of the invoice.

i. Cert Unlimited may impose a late payment charge of 5% over the Bank of England base rate where invoices remain unpaid after 30 days.

j. The customer is not be entitled to exercise any set-off, lien or any similar claim in relation to fees due.

k. All company credit card payments will incur a card surcharge of 2%.

l. Purchase Orders must state the purchase order number, course dates, full Invoice amount, and contact details for invoicing.

m. Cert Cards must be paid in full before learners attend an event. Cert Unlimited reserves the right to refuse entry to a training event until the course fee is paid in full.

n. Examination results and certificates will not be issued until the full fee has been paid.

o. Cert Unlimited’s Cert Cards have 12-months of validity from date of purchase (unless agreed otherwise in writing on the signed booking form).

p. Cert Cards are non-refundable, and non-cancellable.

q. Events that are using Cert Cards are subject to our rescheduling and cancellation policy.

r. The customer shall ensure that the person making a purchase has the authority to purchase.

s. If Cert Unlimited issues the customer with credit, the credit may only be used against virtual training and not exams or on site training unless agreed by a director in writing.

2 – Cancellations and changes to your booking


a. Cert Unlimited reserves the right to cancel, move or reschedule a training event due to circumstances beyond our control. In this event Cert Unlimited will re-assign the booking to a new event in agreement with the learner.

b. Cancellation fees will be imposed on all bookings, dependent on the number of days’ notice provided if the cancellation is made by the customer. If you need to make a cancellation, please notify Cert Unlimited in writing via our email service address: promise@certunlimited.com with the subject heading ‘CANCELLATION’.

c. Cancellation and rescheduling fees are payable by credit/debit card.

d. Customer cancellations must be received in writing at least 30 days before the start of training event. Where cancellation notice is given between 29-14 days cancellations will incur a 50% charge of the course fees. Where cancellation notice is given between 13-0 days cancellations will incur a 100% charge of the course fees.

Virtual Classrooms

a. Cert Unlimited delivers many training courses virtually and it is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that the necessary software is compatible with their device.

b. Cert Unlimited will use reputable software partners for delivery of virtual training and the customer may be required to install software on their device. The customer should use reputable anti-virus checking software on their device and Cert Unlimited does not accept liability due to installed software for any reason.

c. If the device used by the customer is incompatible with the software needed to attend the virtual classroom this is the responsibility of the customer and Cert Unlimited shall have no liability.

d. Cert Unlimted will make reasonable efforts to support the customer with software installation if the request is made at least 7 days before the virtual classroom event.

e. If part of a virtual classroom event is missed due to the customer’s device malfunction, then Cert Unlimited shall have no liability and refunds will be not be given.

f. If a customer’s device is managed by their employer, the customer should ensure their device can install and use the necessary software at least 7 days before the commencement of the training event or course.

g. In the case the customer cannot attend the virtual training due to their software issues, then normal non-attendance terms apply.

h. If the virtual training event is interrupted due to technical issues experienced by Cert Unlimited, we will endeavour to restart the course as soon as possible and contact learners. Learners who leave the course and do not re-attend will be marked as non-attendance.

Rescheduling and refunds

a. Re-scheduling training events or exams with fewer than 30 days’ notice before the course start date, will result in a 50% charge of the full value of the course.

b. Refunds make take 20 days to process.

c. Exam vouchers are non-refundable.

 Money-back guarantee 

a. The money-back guarantee is for virtual classrooms training events only who are not satisfied. To qualify for a refund, the Customer (not Learner) must inform Cert Unlimited in writing before 11 am on the first day of their course or training. If notice is received after 11 am, the customer is not eligible for the Money Back Guarantee. Claims for Money Back Guarantee should be made to to make a claim, the date and time stamp on the email will be recorded.

b. Our money-back guarantee only applies to courses delivered virtually via our virtual classrooms. This offer is not inclusive of courses delivered in-centre or on-site.

c. If eligible for our money-back guarantee, a refund will be issued in line with 2(f).

d. The money-back guarantee is not applicable if you have booked the wrong course or simply misunderstood the course overview (see section 3, point B). It also does not cover transactions made with any offline payment methods including cash, money/postal orders and bank transfers.

Changes to the course 

a. Cert Unlimited reserves the right to change a training event or course if this is caused by circumstances beyond our control. In this instance, customers will be notified in advance and re-allocated an alternative event. If the alternative option is not an acceptable option for the customer, a full refund will be issued.

b. The course schedule is intended for general guidance only and serves as an advisory purpose only.

c. Cert Unlimited reserves the right to change the venue, for circumstances that are beyond our control, and will advise the customer as soon as the change is known. We are not liable for out of pocket expenses due to alterations to the course venue.


o. Non-attendance or part-attendance of any course without notice, regardless of delivery type (classroom, virtual, on-site), for any reason whatsoever is deemed to be a cancellation and payment is due in full.  

3 – Course suitability

a. All public and on-site training courses are delivered by English-speaking trainers. Learners must be sufficiently proficient in the English language before attending the course. 

b. The Customers accepts that it is their responsibility that the course booked is suitable for the requirements and abilities of the learner.  

c. In cases where we have made recommendations on courses and training, we do so in good faith and have deemed the training relevant based on the information provided to us from the customer. 

d. Cert Unlimited reserve the right to refuse admission to any learners whom it considers unsuitable for the training programme.  

e. Cert Unlimited may update course content to maintain high quality of learning.

4 – Booking

a. It is the Customer’s responsibility to provide the learner contact details upon booking or in cases of multi-bookings and ensure all learners receive the relevant information including joining instructions or course changes.

b. Customers must ensure that learners can attend the training courses they are scheduled to attend. Cert Unlimited is not liable for non-attendance.

On-site training 

c. Where on-site training is booked, it is the customers responsibility to provide all facilities, equipment, and setup required for the trainer to deliver the training. Our operations team will liaise with you to assess that the conditions are suitable. If unsuitable, Cert Unlimited reserve the right to suggest suitable adaptations or cancel if necessary. 

d. Trainer expenses may be charged but will be agreed at the time of the course booking, as stated on the booking form. 


a. Customer transfers will only be accepted if made in writing and received at least 14 days prior to virtual classroom date. Once the name of the learner has been confirmed 14 days before the event by the customer, login credentials for virtual classrooms are non-transferable.

5 – Copyright and intellectual property

a. Use of Cert Unlmited’s name or logo is prohibited except with prior written consent except as provided by applicable law.

b. All intellectual property rights for all course materials shall remain the property of Cert Unlimited. The customer agrees not to reproduce, disseminate, sell, hire, lend, or copy the course materials or use them except for personal reference. Cert Unlimited warrants that it will not knowingly include any copyrighted material in its course materials without a licence, consent, or attribution.

c. The website, including content, design, organisation, layout, and software code are subject to copyright and intellectual property rights that are owned by Cert Unlimited.

d. The re-use of assets including logo, images and videos featured on Cert Unlimited website, without attribution, is prohibited under all circumstances.

e. Cert Unlimited does not accept responsibility of the content of any third-party sites that may be referenced by Cert Unlimited.

6 – Warranty and liability

a. Cert Unlimited will not accept liability for personal injury that incurs during our training which is caused by the negligence of any third-party.  

b. Cert Unlimited will not be liable for indirect, special, or consequential loss (including loss of anticipated profit or data). 

c. Cert Unlimited will not be responsible for any damage resulting from any computer viruses caused by third-party software. 

d. Cert Unlimited accepts no responsibility for any personal belongings which are brought to a training course by the learner or customer.  

e. Cert Unlimited is not responsible for any loss of or corruption of data or software, in each case arising out of or in connection with a training event or any breach or non-performance of it no matter how fundamental (including by reason of that party’s negligence) whether or not that party had been informed of or was aware that there was a serious possibility of such loss.

f. Cert Unlimited is not responsible for any loss of or corruption of data or software, in each case arising out of or in connection with a training event or any breach or non-performance of it no matter how fundamental (including by reason of that party’s negligence) whether or not that party had been informed of or was aware that there was a serious possibility of such loss.

7 – Non-solicitation

a. For 12 months following the invoice date or course delivery date, the customer must not directly or indirectly employ or solicit any Cert Unlimited employee. If the customer breaches this clause, Cert Unlimited shall be entitled to recover 50% of the gross annual salary of the employee solicited for employment. 

8 – Governing Law

a. Each Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English Law. The parties hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts in relation to all matters arising out of an Agreement.


We hope you enjoy using our website, but please note that the use of this website is entirely at your own risk. Cert Unlimited cannot accept any responsibility for loss, disruption or damage to your data or your computer system which may occur during or because of the use of this website.

If you have any queries regarding our Terms & Conditions, please email contact@certunlimited.com or you can call us on 0345 556 4180.