Why choose virtual learning

COVID-19 forced training companies to temporarily move their courses online, delivered from the comfort of the trainer’s home surroundings.

However, at Cert Unlimited, we’ve always delivered virtually, and our Virtual Classroom courses were always designed for broadcast, which makes a huge difference to your learning experience.

Our live Virtual Classroom courses are broadcast from our studios in Manchester city centre in the UK, and along with our broadcast software we create immersive Virtual Classroom views, lobbies, breakout rooms and live whiteboard share spaces that enable you to learn effectively from wherever in the world you are.


Many of our accredited courses are examined, and the exams can all be delivered remotely using our proctoring service, easily and quickly meaning you don’t need to travel to a testing centre to gain your pass certificate. Your trainer or our friendly sales advisers will explain how we do this for you.

At a glance features of our Live Virtual Classroom

When you attend our live Virtual Classroom experience, your trainer is actually there with you; it’s not a recording or elearning, you can ask questions, go into break out rooms and talk live with other learners, it’s a fantastic way to learn.

Below are the main reasons behind the popularity of Cert Unlimited’s live Virtual Classroom:

  • A high-quality broadcast from purpose-built studios in the UK
  • A live and interactive Virtual Classroom experience
  • Our courses are designed for online delivery – not physical classes temporarily delivered via webcam
  • Our courses are interactive, and all learners are encouraged to participate either using voice or the chat box, it’s not boring chalk ‘n’ talk lecturing
  • We limit courses to a maximum 15 learners per public scheduled course*
  • Our Virtual Classroom courses are covered by our Money Back Guarantee
  • Our Virtual Classroom courses represent excellent value for money
  • We’re part of a +£27 million learning organisation, our group’s quality reputation matters to us and we’re accountable for everything we do.

    *Does not apply to free webinars

Still not sure about Virtual Classroom?

If you’re still not sure about traying our Virtual Classroom experience for the first time, why not book onto one of our free webinars? They are typically 30 minutes in duration but are broadcast from the same studios we deliver our Virtual Classroom courses from.

At Cert Unlimited, our vision is to deliver the most engaging, highest quality and reliable learning events which meet the demand of aspirational employers and individuals and build long-term partnerships with you to unleash your unlimited potential.

We care about your success, and we hope to meet you on one of our courses soon.