About Cert Unlimited

At Cert Unlimited, when we’re choosing a supplier to provide a service to us, we take that decision seriously, and we’re sure you do too when you’re selecting a training partner. Thank you for taking the time to visit us and read a little more about who we are, our values and what we can offer to you.

Our company, Cert Unlimited Ltd (Company number 12347890) is a professional training organisation, established by Chesterfield College with a vision to deliver the most engaging, highest quality and reliable learning events across the United Kingdom and beyond. Read more about our vision.

Cert Unlimited operates as an independent private company and partners with leading commercial accreditation bodies to offer aspirational employers and individuals both accredited and non-official learning events that empower themselves and their teams to achieve success.

Cert Unlimited’s own leadership team have been recruited from within the commercial training industry to design a responsive and reliable culture that delivers learning, sales and customer service for a demanding and changing marketplace.

Customers are assured that Cert Unlimited’s close links with the college ensure that our ethics and values remain strong, this means that our customers can book with confidence.

Cert Unlimited’s Governors and Board of Directors are a valuable mix of independent and College professionals. They are tasked with challenging Cert Unlimited’s leadership team and approving the strategic direction of the company so that it continues to align with the College’s corporate social responsibilities, ethics and values.

If you’re interested in our story, our learning events and our vision, we’d be delighted to hear from you.