Simple low prices

We’re proud of our low-priced training, but we want you to know that just because its lower cost, you shouldn’t expect any less in terms of quality.

Learning new skills can be expensive, with course fees, manual fees, exam fees and travel costs.

But training doesn’t have to be expensive.

If you could purchase high quality training, from a leading national learning organisation, and save an average of 50% on industry prices would that be of interest to you?

Cert Unlimited is part of the Chesterfield College Group, a +£27 million learning organisation based in the United Kingdom, built upon ethical integrity and a commitment to advancing the knowledge of thousands of ambitious learners annually.

At Cert Unlimited, we offer in-demand accredited courses to ambitious organisations and individuals, delivered with the same, high commitment to quality you’d expect from the college group, but with a commercial focus on service and adaptability.

Due to our unique position and unlike other training providers, we can deliver high quality, without the need to maximise profits by over-inflating our prices.

Our pricing isn’t low, it’s realistic based on how much courses actually cost us to deliver. We leverage economies of scale from our group and we deliver our courses from our virtual classrooms, purpose designed by broadcast professionals, to you, wherever in the world you’re attending from.

But if its low price, it must be poor quality?

Often that is a sound assumption, but in our case, we ask you to consider the following points:

  • Our courses are accredited and delivered by accredited industry expert trainers; to gain accreditation we had to satisfy the accrediting organisations of our quality.
  • We’re part of a +£27 million learning organisation, our group’s quality reputation matters to us and we’re accountable for everything we do.
  • Every course comes with a money-back, satisfaction guarantee, read more here
  • If you’re unsure about experiencing virtual classroom delivery, you can read more here
  • If you want to try us out for free, why not book on a free webinar, without an obligation to purchase anything more afterwards?
  • No hard sell. If you have questions, why not enquire and discuss your needs without obligation to buy, with one of our experienced sales advisers? – or if you have more technical questions, perhaps ask to speak to a member of our training team?

At Cert Unlimited, our vision is to deliver the most engaging, highest quality and reliable learning events which meet the demand of aspirational employers and individuals and build long-term partnerships with you to unleash your unlimited potential.

We care about your success, and we hope to meet you on one of our courses soon.